2021 US Open 9 Ball Championship Update 3

🇺🇸🏆 Day 3 is done and dusted here at the US Open 9 Ball Champs, and Day 4 is just getting underway. Yesterday saw our team get off to a great start with Marco Teutscher defeating Chris Reinhold 11-4, and Sullivan Clark winning against John Hennigan 11-7.
The afternoon session then started with Sullivan up against Mosconi Cup Team USA member, Billy Thorpe. It was always going to be a tough match but it didn’t help when Thorpe pulled off a combo in the first frame and then put a five pack on Sullivan without him having a shot. Getting out to a 6-0 lead was tough, and in this format with the winner breaking, there’s not a lot you can do when a player starts breaking and running the table out with ease. Sullivan eventually went down 11-1. That knocked him out of the tournament, but like his two previous tournaments in this visit, his result overall was fantastic!
Marco was next up on the table facing the Austrian Max Lechner. This was always going to be a tough match and one that could quite easily gone either way. Both players took their opportunities and ran racks out with ease. In the end the Austrian had the roll of the table and handed Marco his first defeat here in Atlantic City.
However, he lives to fight another day, which is now getting underway with his do-or-die match against the Spaniard Jose Alberto Delgado. Let’s go Marco! 🍀🇺🇸🏆

2021 US Open 9 Ball Championship Update 2

🇺🇸🏆 Day 2 of the US Open 9 Ball saw both our players get through the day and still in the hunt. Marco Teutscher cruised through his second match of the tournament with a 9-3 vistory over Pia Filler of Germany. Sullivan Clark faced a strong up and coming player from Lithuania, Pijjus Labutis. Labutis took all his opportunities and eventually won 9-4. Sullivan then played Matt Krah of the USA last night and got back on track with a 9-3 win. He faces a long grind to get back to the winners side of the draw.
Day 3 sees an early start for the team with both having a 10am start (2am NZT). Marco will face former USA Mosconi Cup team member Chris Reinhold (formerly Chris Robinson). Sullivan is also up against another American player, John Hennigan.
After starting with 256 players the field has definitely been weeded out with only 64 remaining, all fighting for a spot in the last 16, where the format shifts to a straight knockout. 🇺🇸🏆

2021 US Open 9 Ball Championship Update 1

🇺🇸🏆 A good first day for the team at the US Open 9 Ball Championship in Atlantic City. Marco Teutscher took out his first match 9-0 against Kevin Clark of the USA, while Sullivan Clark won 9-2 against Hunter Sullivan, also of the USA.
Tomorrow has more of an international flavour with Marco playing Pia Filler of Germany at 4:10am NZT, and Sullivan playing Pijus Labutis of Lithuania at 5:10am NZT. Go team 🍀🇺🇸🏆
TV Coverage in New Zealand is on SKY Sports NZ. Otherwise click here for the afternoon session highlights or here for the evening session highlights.

Predator World 10 Ball Championship Update 4

🌎🏆 The Predator World 10 Ball Championship Final should have already started but a storm passed through Las Vegas a couple of hours ago and knocked out the power. The second semi final has restarted and the final has been rescheduled to 2pm NZT. Marco will be a guest commentator and the live stream link is at the end of this post.
It has been a great event with Marco Teutscher and Sullivan Clark gaining the best results New Zealand has seen at a world championship tournament on the bigger 9 foot tables. Our junior players are exceptionally lucky to have these two amongst their coaches!
Finishing 17th equal, Sullivan played years ahead of his experience, especially in terms of his mental game. His ability to remain calm and nerve free on such a big stage was nothing short of impressive. He is no longer going to fly under the radar at international events with many of the seasoned pros asking who this guy was! Both of Sullivan’s coaches expect big things from him in the future and they are not wrong!
We’ve come to expect big things from our adopted Dutch Kiwi and he did not disappoint. Finishing 9th equal, Marco gained his best result at a world championship event to date. Once again he showed us how great a player he is by continuing a long run of good results in international events. Winning a big one is not too far away!
In a couple of days the focus shifts from Las Vegas to the East Coast of the USA, and the big one at Atlantic City, the US Open 9 Ball Championships! Both of our team are playing so let’s hope we see more great results from these two! 🇺🇸🏆🍀
You can watch the Predator World 10 Ball Championship on the World Billiards TV YouTube Channel for replays of all the matches from the streaming table by clicking this link.

Predator World 10 Ball Championship Update 3

🔥🔥 A great day for the team at the Predator Cues World 10 Ball Championships here in Las Vegas!
First up, Sullivan Clark had a great win over Canadian pro John Morra by 8 frames to 4. Later in the morning Marco Teutscher came back from being down 2-7 to win 8-7 against fellow Predator Pro Player Masato Yoshioka.

In this evenings play, the guys played right next to each other; Sullivan against former Mosconi Cup Champion with Team USA, Oscar Dominguez; while Marco was up against former Junior World 9 Ball Champion, Sanjin Pehlivanovic.

Sullivan looked really good against the more experienced Dominguez and showed how he’s perfectly capabable of mixing it with the biggest names in pool. He said he’s feeling really calm when he’s playing and it shows. While he went down 8-5, he put up a great fight and the result should have been closer. The time he has spent with his coaches Wayne Carey and Tony de Fontenay has certainly paid off!
On the table next door Marco put up a good gap at the start over the former Junior World 9 Ball Champ Pehlivanovic and didn’t let him get close throughout the match. The end result was a 8-4 victory. Again, he’s playing well and feeling good although he doesn’t want to have to fight back from the brink like he did this morning! One thing he took out of that was that he knows he’s got the mental strength and toughness that you’ve got to have to win big matches like that.
Now to tomorrow! At 5 pm local time (noon NZT) it’s Marco versus the current World Pool Masters Tournament Champion, Alex Kazakis. This is going to be a big match with the winner going on to face Sullivan for a spot in the last 16!! 🔥🔥
Check the draw out here👇
Livestreaming link here👇
Otherwise checkout the World Billiards TV YouTube Channel for replays of all the matches from the streaming table by clicking this link.