Country of Origin! 🔥

Clubmates swap local allegiances for national colours at this tournament.

What country will be victorious and get the title?

Get together a team of three and represent your country of origin where either you, your parent, grandparent or great-grandparent were born.

This tournament will be a double life event played under the VNEA 8 Ball rules in teams of 3. Entry fee will include a national team shirt for each team member! There are no restrictions on the number of teams that may represent a single country. Continental teams are allowed if all members originate from that continent and cannot be placed in a country team (e.g. Europe, Americas, Africa, etc.). Allowances may also be made, at the tournament directors discretion for a substitute if only two members can be found that originate from a country.

We already have over 12 teams from 10 countries wanting to play! Registration closes on October 31 to allow team uniforms to be manufactured.

Tournament Details:

• Tournament Game: VNEA 8 BALL
• The Tournament Table: 7FT Valleys
• The tournament will be played in teams of 3.
• All 3 players must originate from the selected country (you, your parent, grandparent or great-grandparent were born from).
• Players must preregister by 31/10/19
• The tournament will be played in the VNEA League format.
• Entry fee is $80 per person. (Each player will receive a team shirt)
• Start time: 11AM
• Location: Massé Hamilton

Preregister with Jimmy (027 564 0003) or message us!