2020 New Zealand Open 9 Ball Championships – Tournament Report

Here’s the report from Jimmy ‘The Professor’ Henry on the weekend’s play at the 2020 New Zealand Open 9 ball Championships:
With one of our biggest fields of the year, it was going to be a pool player’s dream of watching some of the country’s best cue artists in action over this two day event.
Having the new grandstands, the professionally set up arena, the new lighting system, and of course the new sets of Predator Arcos II balls on every table, it was an electrifying and professional atmosphere.
The good thing about having a two day tournament is you get to play ample amount of pool and watch a lot of really good matches, but most of all, you get a lot of experience out of the section play event.
Once again it was the hardened professional Marco Teutscher who came out on top and took out the Open 9 Ball Championship by ten frames to five, over another exciting and solid player, Mark Chiu.
I am running out of things to say about Marco, yet again it was a dominant performance. The field was clearly one of the finest you could ask for, but no one really tested him. Sorry, but it must be said, Marco really is a class and a half above the rest.
In the Ladies 9 ball Open Championship we had the replay of the New Zealand Junior Women’s 9 Ball Championship final between Alexandria Endres and Aaliyah Clifford, with Aaliyah winning the championship in another closely fought, heart stopping match, six frames to four. By putting in a lot of hard work, Aaliyah is becoming an accomplished all-round player.
Player of the day goes to Jack McDonald. Apart from Kieran the pro Dempsey, Jack was our only other Junior to qualify through to the main event. These two day tournaments are ideal for all of our juniors as it gives them a great chance to get to play a lot of quality matches.

Men’s Results:


Marco Teutscher beat Johno McDowell Pakieto 9-5
Mark Chiu beat Ryan Sadumiano 9-3

Marco Teutscher beat Mark Chiu 10-5

Ladies Results:

Alexandria Endres beat Laquiesha Clifford 5-3
Aaliyah Clifford beat Janine Clifford 5-4

Aaliyah Clifford beat Alexandria Endres 6-4
Check out the photos from the tournament here

NRL Grand Finals

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Massé New Lynn, Glen Eden and Pukekohe are back open on Monday at their normal time, so head in and get your pool fix on the best tables in Auckland (and at the cheapest price!)!! We’ll be following our usual strict cleaning and hygiene processes to ensure the safety of our members. Make sure you download the Covid-19 contact tracing app and also consider wearing a face mask, especially in the Auckland region. See you all tomorrow!


This year has been a challenging time for us all with many local and international tournaments being cancelled. However, it won’t be long and life will be back to normal and we’ll be competing in the international tournaments we usually travel to.
Players from this squad will be selected to compete at the 30th Annual VNEA Junior World Championships that has been rescheduled to be played in Erie, Pennsylvania in July 2021. We also have a number of international events that we have been working on with other countries and tournament organisers and these will be ready to go once international travel is allowed again. Players from this squad will make up those teams too. Until then it is important our junior players keep training and practicing to their usual high standards and the training camps that are part of being in this squad will help them to do that.
Congratulations to the following players:
🏆 UNDER 21 🏆
🎱 Sheridan BURMESTER
🎱 Jack ELLIS
🎱 Kieran DEMPSEY
🎱 Alexandria ENDRES
🏆 UNDER 16 🏆
🎱 Laquiesha CLIFFORD
🎱 Moonlight MOALA
🎱 Safinati MOALA
🎱 Manthan PATEL
🎱 Xaphron RAUMOA
🎱 Brayden SAVAGE
🎱 Trinity TAUROA
🎱 Genesis TUPAI
🎱 Josiah TUPAI
🎱 Revalation TUPAI
🎱 Viliami TUPAI
🏆 UNDER 13 🏆
🎱 Jack BEGGS
🎱 Aaliyah CLIFFORD
🎱 Harlem HOGGART

Players and their parents and/or guardians may ask questions and stay up to date with events by joining the below group: