🔥🎱🔥🏆 COMING UP! 🏆🔥🎱🔥

New Zealand’s richest pool tournament with a $30,000 prize pool, the 2019 New Zealand VNEA 8 Ball League Grand final is almost ready to get underway!

After playing a total of 9,590 frames of pool over 26 weeks, spread between February and October, the qualifying teams will meet this Saturday, November 23rd at 10 a.m. at Massé Hamilton, to do battle for the championship title (and the loot!).

We will play all matches on Saturday the 23rd, except the final itself. That match will be played at 2 p.m. on Sunday December 8 at Massé Hamilton, and will be immediately followed by the final of the Country of Origin tournament. Both of these matches will be shown live on the new Sky Sport NZ channel, Sky Sport Next. These matches will be the first cue sports content shown on the channel as part of our partnership with New Zealand Sport Collective and Sky Sports Next!

That’s not all in terms of VNEA 8 Ball this year though, as it won’t be long and the 2020 New Zealand team to compete at the 40th Anniversary VNEA World Pool Championships in Las Vegas will be named! What more could you ask for, Las Vegas, 250 pool tables, 3,500 plus competitors, a week and a half of playing pool? There’s maybe one thing, and that’s that New Zealand defends the Teams World Cup that it won in the 2019 final against Germany!