Massé Incorporated are very passionate about cue sports and have taken on a full time, in house cue sports coach to provide free coaching to all our members. Each week Jimmy “The Professor” Henry travels around each of the Clubs to provide quality coaching to members who want to improve their game in any way, tips for tournaments coming up and sometimes just a good chat. Check out some of Jimmy’s greatest achievements: 

Jimmy “The Professor” Henry

Jimmy Henry first started playing pool at home and saw his first pool table at age 7. He never had access to a coach so his earlier days were more about hitting the balls around the table, when he was allowed to play, not really knowing what he was doing. When Jimmy hit his teenage years, he started practising a lot more and without access to the internet, being the early 80’s, he was self-taught. He could confidently pot balls but had no idea about cue ball control or the other intricacies that are involved in the sport of Pool. Once he was old enough, Jimmy started to play at the local bars and that’s where is career began. Fast forward a few years and Jimmy Henry has conquered a variety of championships as well as touring overseas for the sport:

World 9 Ball Championships                     

  • 1998 Taipei, Taiwan
  • 1999 Alicante, Spain
  • 2000 Cardiff, Wales
  • 2003 Cardiff, Wales
  • 2005 Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Oceania Representative Peace Cup

  • 2000 Taipei, Taiwan

Oceania Representative World Team

  • 2000 Taipei, Taiwan

World Eight Ball Federation

  • 2003 Blackpool, England
  • 2004 Surfers Paradise, Australia
  • 2011 New South Wales, Australia

NZPA Trans-Tasman Test Representative

  • 1998-2008 Ten years’ straight

NZPA Captain

  • 2002-2003

NZPA 8 Ball Championships

  • 1999 Runner-up
  • 2000 Winner

NZPA 9 Ball Championship

  • 2002 Runner up

Queenstown 8 Ball Championships

  • 2004 Winner of $10,000 Prize Pool

Super-League 8 Ball Championships

  • 2014 Runner up of $10,000 Prize Pool

Clubs New Zealand National 8 Ball Championships

  • 2008 Winner

Clubs New Zealand National Pairs Championships

  • 2007 Winner

Multiple West Auckland, Auckland and New Zealand Pool and Billiards Association, Valley Pool and Northern Area Titles.

These days, Jimmy is a qualified Pool coach who works for Massé Incorporated. Each week he travels around the Massé Clubs and provides free coaching to anyone and everyone who is interested in improving their game. He is committed to making it easier for beginner or novice players to remain in the sport and train teams and individuals to make a big impact. Jimmy prides himself on his core values when it comes to his coaching services, with his main focuses being:

  • Improving the standard of beginner players right up to club level players around New Zealand
  • Improve technique, stance, grip, bridge, hand and cue action
  • All aspects of cue ball control
  • Using the rules to your advantage
  • Teach good sportsmanship
  • Build confidence and competitiveness
  • To respect all players

Jimmy Henry has a real passion for passing on all his knowledge and experiences of his favourite game and that is why he is a major asset to the crew at Massé Incorporated.