Harm Minimisation Policy


It is important to us here at Massé Incorporated that we look after our members and make sure that they are gambling in a safe and responsible manner. Part of that means that our staff are always watching for signs of problem gambling in each of our Clubs with the aim of minimising the harm factor that comes with problem gambling. Each Club has a Venue Policy for Minimising Risk of Problem Gambling, Identifying Problem Gamblers and Minimising Risk of Underage Gambling. Each staff member has extensive training in looking for signs of problem gambling and how to approach those situations.

Please don’t be offended if our staff approach you or bother you when they do their gaming room sweeps every 15 minutes, they are only doing their job.

If you are worried about yourself or someone you care about with problem gambling, you can find links on getting support on our Responsible Gambling page.


Massé Incorporated’s Harm Minimisation Policy can be found here.