Come join us for our Christmas Challenge!

Held on Saturday 1st December at Massé Hamilton.
(60-62 Rostrevor St, Hamilton)

This event is open to all gold members and there will be free food and drinks at the event.

We have BCA Hall of Fame member, Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman and Guinness World Record holder, Dave “Ginger Wizard” Pearson joining us for the day. Don’t miss your chance to meet 2 cue sport legends!

Enter our challenges to win some fantastic prizes!

The challenges include:

Lag Competition: The winner will receive a brand new GW playing cue.

Digi Cue Challenge: The winner will take home their very own DigiCue Blue.

Highest Break: The winner of this challenge will take home a Jacoby Custom Cues “Heavy Hitter” Break Cue.

$100,000 Speed Pool Challenge – Dave Pearson currently holds four Guinness World Records for speed pool. The top five players from the speed pool competition will have one chance to break his current record for the fastest 10 table clearance. Dave has agreed to award $100,000 (USD) to the player who beats his record.

The top 5 qualifiers will play off during Dr. Cue and Ginger Wizard’s Exhibition Showcase.


See you there!