Sunday Night Shootout Qualifier 2 Tournament Report.

It was the new generation of players that shined through at the 2nd Shootout qualifier.

Match of the day was Jack Beggs, narrowly losing to Glen Coutts 4-3, Jack had chances to win but couldn’t quite secure it.
Then young Kieran Dempsey make his senior semi-final debut in the Shootout along with partner in crime, young gun, Deon Rawlings.
Both of these players have been dominant in junior pool for several years now and are starting to move up in the senior ranks.

Marco Teutscher vs Kieran Dempsey
All one-way traffic, Marco knew the dangers of Kieran and shut him out. A bad time for Dempsey to run into a red hot Teutscher who never missed a shot and in return snookered Kieran 4 times out of his 6 visits. It was a perfect performance by Teutscher winning 7-0.

Sullivan Clark vs Deon Rawlings
A match with no rhythm due to the layouts after the break, both struggled to get fluency into their game with Sullivan comfortably winning 7-4.

Grand Final – Teutscher vs Clark
Both players came out firing with both running 3 racks a piece. A dry break from Sullivan saw Marco run the rack then broke and ran another rack for a 5-3 lead.
After a dry break by Marco, a positional fault saw Sullivan seize the opportunity and bounce out to a 6-5 lead.
With that little bit a pressure, and not missing a shot in 13 frames the unbelievable happened, a relatively easy 8 ball was missed by Teutscher, gifting the frame and match to Clark 7-5.
A great victory to Clark, the match of the year so far and Sullivan’s 2nd victory in a row over Teutscher – well done Sullivan.

Can it get any better? Watch this space! – Jimmy “The Professor” Henry