Sunday Night Shootout Qualifier 3 Tournament Report

Sunday Night Shootout Qualifier#3 – Ground Hog Day

As they say, the cream always rises to the top! It was the same two class players who battled it out in the final of the Sunday Night Shootout Qualifier #3 – Marco Teutscher vs Sullivan Clark.
Teutcher’s road to the final began by beating sharpshooter Lincoln Muaulu 7-3 in the last 16. He sideswiped Danny Kerkhoven 7-1 and then struggled pass the ever-improving Deon Rawlings in the semi-finals winning 7-5.
On the other side of the draw Sullivan swept past the experienced Chris Bowman winning 7-4. He then trounced the young gun Kieran Dempsey winning 7-3, but struggled to get past Roldan Largo, eventually winning 7-5.
Both Rawlings and Largo had chances to knock their world class counterparts out of the tournament, but just came up short on the day.
In the final match it was another exciting on the edge of your seat final. Sullivan Clark quickly went up 2-0 only for Marco to get back into the match by way of a golden break.
He then ran out the next 2 racks for 3-2 lead, after that it was frame for frame to the hill with Teutscher to break. With his powerful controlled break, Marco pots the 1 ball only to be snookered on the 2 ball with the rest of the balls in the open.
After a well calculated push out to leave Sullivan snookered on the 2 ball, Sullivan made the right decision to send Marco back in without getting out of his seat.
Teutscher stepped up to the plate, pulled off the perfect jump shot to pot the 2 ball like he was never snookered.
From there he easily runs out the rack to win the tournament 7-6. With a fist pump, the pressure and relief was finally released, it was as though he just won the US Open 10 ball again.
A very important win for Marco mentally, Sullivan’s not that bogey man anymore.
P.S. If you didn’t watch it on the night, make sure you at least watch the last 2 matches (on Facebook or YouTube) between these 2 players, best matches you will ever witness. WORLD CLASS!! – The Professor


Sunday Night Shootout Qualifier 2 Tournament Report

Sunday Night Shootout Qualifier 2 Tournament Report.

It was the new generation of players that shined through at the 2nd Shootout qualifier.

Match of the day was Jack Beggs, narrowly losing to Glen Coutts 4-3, Jack had chances to win but couldn’t quite secure it.
Then young Kieran Dempsey make his senior semi-final debut in the Shootout along with partner in crime, young gun, Deon Rawlings.
Both of these players have been dominant in junior pool for several years now and are starting to move up in the senior ranks.

Marco Teutscher vs Kieran Dempsey
All one-way traffic, Marco knew the dangers of Kieran and shut him out. A bad time for Dempsey to run into a red hot Teutscher who never missed a shot and in return snookered Kieran 4 times out of his 6 visits. It was a perfect performance by Teutscher winning 7-0.

Sullivan Clark vs Deon Rawlings
A match with no rhythm due to the layouts after the break, both struggled to get fluency into their game with Sullivan comfortably winning 7-4.

Grand Final – Teutscher vs Clark
Both players came out firing with both running 3 racks a piece. A dry break from Sullivan saw Marco run the rack then broke and ran another rack for a 5-3 lead.
After a dry break by Marco, a positional fault saw Sullivan seize the opportunity and bounce out to a 6-5 lead.
With that little bit a pressure, and not missing a shot in 13 frames the unbelievable happened, a relatively easy 8 ball was missed by Teutscher, gifting the frame and match to Clark 7-5.
A great victory to Clark, the match of the year so far and Sullivan’s 2nd victory in a row over Teutscher – well done Sullivan.

Can it get any better? Watch this space! – Jimmy “The Professor” Henry

Bounty Hunter 9 Ball – Tournament Report

Ryan Sadumiano Lands the Big Bounty

If you were not there to watch the final of the Bounty Hunter 9 Ball tournament, you missed out on witnessing probably the best final of the year so far, with both players using everything in their arsenal. It was a world class match to watch, (and I have seen a few). The precision, the determination, and the will to win from both contenders, had the healthy crowd watching on the edge of their seats! You could count the number of misses from both men on one hand.

Ryan had to bring his best game to beat the number one seeded player and pre-tournament favorite Marco Teutscher 9 frames to 7. In a closely fought match, the score sea sawed back and forth to 7 frames each with the lead changing numerous times. It was an uncharacterised self-snooker by Marco, with the last 4 balls over the pockets, that left the door open for Ryan to get to the hill, 8 -7, in in a race to 9.

In the championship frame Marco failed to pull off a safety leaving the 5 and 6 ball near the center pocket, with the 8 and 9 balls out in the open. Ryan knowing this was his best chance, and with the championship on the line, the nerves kicked in and he struggled to finish. Because of the pressure, he opted just to pot the last 3 balls and let the white ball run free into the unknown and take his chances from there, this tactic served Ryan well and once the 9 ball was put away, a relieved new champion emerged.

The last 6 tournaments Ryan has been knocking at the door, consistently making the last 8 and semifinal spots. This time the door was left ajar for Ryan to waltz on through and claim the best win of his career. Congratulations Ryan!!

Player of the day goes to Danny Kerkhoven. He is an extremely gifted player and had some very good wins over some class players. I have been waiting for him to shine through over the years and he is finally here.


Here are the results from the later stages of the tournament:


Marco Teutscher beat Lincoln Muaulu 8 frames to 3

Mark Chiu beat Tony de Fontenay 8 frames to 3

Ryan Sadumiano beat Ming Lee 8 frames to 3

Jimmy Henry beat Marvin Padrigo 8 frames to 6


Marco Teutscher beat Mark Chiu 9 frames to 2

Ryan Sadumiano beat Jimmy Henry 9 frames to 3


Ryan Sadumiano beat Marco Teutscher 9 frames to 7


P.S. Beware of the wounded shark!



⚠️Not just another day at the office for ‘The Shark’⚠️

It wasn’t just another day at the office for Marco Teutscher as he limped over the line to beat Marvin Padrigo 7-6 in the Battle of the Bombay 9 Ball final.

With a race to 7 in the final, Marvin had been playing some excellent consistent 9 ball to sprint out to a 6-4 lead and an upset looked possible, if not likely. Not fazed by the score, Marco then broke and cleared to trail 5-6. Next frame, Marvin was gifted his only opportunity to win the match, a natural bank on the 6 ball. Unfortunately this went wide which Marco then cleared to take the match to the hill.

Need I say any more with Marco to break? You guessed it – another break and run out from the hardened professional, going on to win the battle between the 2 best current players, in my eyes, in New Zealand.

Overall it was a good turnout for the club at our first tournament after lockdown. Player of the day was Yuki Takahasi who beat myself (twice), punished Leighton Pologa and took Marvin to the hill. There were solid performances by Ryan Saudumiano and Lincoln Muaulu who both took Marco to the hill, and our Junior 12 year old Jack McDonald was runner up of the plate.

Special thanks to the Filipino contingent who had big numbers there. Great to see their support for the club.

The Professor


Tony Vittle stops the freight train!

Tony Vittle put a stop to Marvin Padrigo’s runaway win streak to win Masse’s NZ 9 Ball Championship. Tony peaked at the right time beating Joe Pologa 7-1, the talented KD Singh 9-3, and then taking the championship in a nail biting final 9-8. It would have been Marvin’s 15th straight win and his 3rd major tournament win in a row, but it seems like he has a boogie man. In the final Marvin was up 8-6 and had many opportunities to take the title but stumbled a the last hurdle. As for Tony, he just sat back and kept the pressure on by going frame for frame and punished Marvin’s every mistake. In the end Marvin missed a getable shot to gift the championship to Tony.