Sunday Night Shootout Qualifier#3 – Ground Hog Day

As they say, the cream always rises to the top! It was the same two class players who battled it out in the final of the Sunday Night Shootout Qualifier #3 – Marco Teutscher vs Sullivan Clark.
Teutcher’s road to the final began by beating sharpshooter Lincoln Muaulu 7-3 in the last 16. He sideswiped Danny Kerkhoven 7-1 and then struggled pass the ever-improving Deon Rawlings in the semi-finals winning 7-5.
On the other side of the draw Sullivan swept past the experienced Chris Bowman winning 7-4. He then trounced the young gun Kieran Dempsey winning 7-3, but struggled to get past Roldan Largo, eventually winning 7-5.
Both Rawlings and Largo had chances to knock their world class counterparts out of the tournament, but just came up short on the day.
In the final match it was another exciting on the edge of your seat final. Sullivan Clark quickly went up 2-0 only for Marco to get back into the match by way of a golden break.
He then ran out the next 2 racks for 3-2 lead, after that it was frame for frame to the hill with Teutscher to break. With his powerful controlled break, Marco pots the 1 ball only to be snookered on the 2 ball with the rest of the balls in the open.
After a well calculated push out to leave Sullivan snookered on the 2 ball, Sullivan made the right decision to send Marco back in without getting out of his seat.
Teutscher stepped up to the plate, pulled off the perfect jump shot to pot the 2 ball like he was never snookered.
From there he easily runs out the rack to win the tournament 7-6. With a fist pump, the pressure and relief was finally released, it was as though he just won the US Open 10 ball again.
A very important win for Marco mentally, Sullivan’s not that bogey man anymore.
P.S. If you didn’t watch it on the night, make sure you at least watch the last 2 matches (on Facebook or YouTube) between these 2 players, best matches you will ever witness. WORLD CLASS!! – The Professor